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http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2015/09/08/mercury-from-the-oceans-is-reaching-californias-coasts-and-this-is-the-surprising-reason-why/  http://kazu.org/post/epa-puts-new-idria-map#stream/0  https://cbse.soe.ucsc.edu/news/article/1755?ID=1755

2015    BBC Science in Action (interview with 1st author, Jennifer Cossaboon, begins at 14:55)

2015    When Seals Molt, They Leave Behind Mercury (Smithsonian.com Magazine)

2015    Molting Seals Boost Mercury Levels In Coastal Ecosystems (KPBS San Diego Public Radio broadcast)

2015    Molting elephant seals add mercury to coastal seawater (EurekaAlert!, AAAS Science News)

2015    Molting seals shed mercury along with fur (Science News)

2015    Molting seals in California are shedding toxic fur (The Verge)

2015    Elephant Seals Shed Mercury Along With Their Fur (IFLScience)

2015    Team traces elevated mercury in coastal seawater to hair shed by elephant seals in annual molt (Phys.org)

2015    Mercury Spike Linked to Seals (The Australian)

2015    Molting elephant seals recycle mercury back into seawater (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

2015    Molting elephant seals add mercury to coastal seawater (UC Santa Cruz press release)

2015    Mercury Rising? and Mercury Mobilized (WHOI Images of the Day)

2015    Outstanding Woman in Science Award (GSA Press Release, Women in AcademiaUC Santa Cruz, University News)

2015    Next Wave (pg.15),  Academic Programs at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Creek Sampling)

2014    Next Wave (pg.2),  Academic Programs at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Saltmarsh Pond)

2012    EPA remediation efforts at the New Idria Mine Site (90.3 KAZU, NPR for the Monterey Bay Area) 

2012    Switzer Environmental Fellowship awarded to UCSC grad student (UC Santa Cruz University News)

2009    Mercury in San Francisco Bay (KQED QUEST video; minute 2:05)

2009    Groundwater fingered as a source of methylmercury in coastal waters (UC Santa Cruz News Release)

2009    Newly discovered source of methylmercury: Groundwater (Sea Grant News Release)

2009    Scientists Discover Methylmercury Contamination In Groundwater; 'Surprisingly High Levels'  (Underwater Times)

2008    Toxic mercury cleanup ordered in West Marin (Marin Independent Journal)

2005    WaterBriefs: Rhodia marks environmental milestones as Bay area project nearly done (Industrial Water World)

2001    Mercury: a toxic legacy  (UC Santa Cruz Feature Story)

2001    Old dump, secret mine overlooked by regulators (Point Reyes Light, Dec. 13, 2001)

2000    Inoperative mines a major source of mercury contamination in California waters (UC Santa Cruz News)

2000    Heavy metal  (MetroActive, 2nd Story)