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Journal Publications (underlined = student author)

In Prep   Ganguli, P.M.; Swarzenski, P.W.; Dimova, N.T.; Conaway, C.H.; Fisher A.T.; Hohn, R.A.Merckling, M.Kehrlein, N.C.; Richardson, C.M.; Johnson, C.D.; Lamborg, C.H.; and Flegal, A.R. Driving mechanisms for monomethylmercury production and transport in nearshore surface water and groundwater: Younger Lagoon, California. In preparation for Environmental Science & Technology.

2019 Lamborg, C.H.; Valiela, I.; Collins, C.; Buchanan, W; Swarr, G.; Mincer, T.; Ganguli, P.; Whalen, K; Bothner, M. Mercury Speciation and Retention in a Salt Marsh Undergoing Long-term Fertilization. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 218: 188-196.

2018    Kumar, A.; Divoll, T.J.; Ganguli, P.M.; Bothner, M.H.; Trama, F.; Lamborg, C.H.; Presence of artisanal gold mining predict mercury bioaccumulation in five genera of bats (Chiroptera). Environmental Pollution, 236, 862-870.

2017    Dimova, N.T.; Ganguli, P.M.; Swarzenski, P.W.; Izbicki, J.A.; O’Leary, D. Hydrogeologic controls on chemical transport atMalibu Lagoon, CA: Implications for land to sea exchange in coastal lagoonsystems. Journal of Hydrology-Regional Studies 11, 219–233.

2015    Cossaboon, J.M.Ganguli, P.M.; Flegal, A.R.  Mercury offloaded in Northern elephant seal hair impacts coastal seawater surrounding rookery. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences112: 12058-12062.

2015   Voss, B.M.; Peucker-Ehrenbrink, B.; Eglinton, T.I.; Spencer, R.G.M.; Bulygina, E.; Galy, V.; Lamborg, C.H.; Ganguli, P.M.; Montluçon, D.B.; Marsh, S.; Gillies, S.L.; Fanslau, J.; Epp, A.; Luymes, R., Seasonal hydrology drives rapid shifts in the flux and composition of dissolved and particulate organic carbon and major and trace ions in the Fraser River. Canada. Biogeosciences, 19, (12), 5597-5618.

2015    Johnson C.D.; Swarzenski, P.W.; Richardson; C.M., Smith; C.G.; Kroeger, K.D.; Ganguli, P.M. Ground-truthing electrical resistivity methods in support of submarine groundwater discharge studies: Examples from Hawaii, Washington,and CaliforniaJournal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics, 20, 81-87.  

2014   Ganguli, P.M.; Swarzenski, P.W.; Dulaiova, H., Glenn, C.R.; and Flegal, A.R.  Mercury dynamics in a coastal aquifer: Maunalua Bay, Oʻahu, Hawaii. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 140, 52-65. 

2012   Flegal, A.R.; Gallon, C., Conaway, C.H.; Ganguli, P.M.  All the lead in China.  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 43 (17), 1869-1944. 

2012   Ganguli, P.M.; Conaway, C.H.; Swarzenski, P.W.; Izbicki, J.A.; and Flegal, A.R.  Mercury speciation and transport via submarine groundwater discharge at a Southern California coastal lagoon system.  Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (3), 1480-1488. 

2009   Black, F.J.; Paytan, A.; Knee, K.L.; De Sieyes, N.R.; Ganguli, P.M.; Gray, E.; and Flegal, A.R. Submarine groundwater discharge of total mercury and monomethylmercury to central California coastal watersEnvironmental Science and Technology, 43 (15), 5553-5559.    

2009   Johnson, B.E.; Esser, B.K.; Whyte, D.C.; Ganguli, P.M.; Austin, C.M.; and Hunt, J.R. Mercury accumulation and attenuation at a rapidly forming delta with a point source of mining wasteScience of the Total Environment, 407 (18), 5056-5070.

2001   Alleman, L.Y.; Church, T.M.; Ganguli, P.M.; Véron, A.J.; Flegal, A.R.; and Hamelin, B.  Role of oceanic circulation on pollutant lead distribution in the South AtlanticDeep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 48 (13), 2855-2876. 

2000   Ganguli, P.M.; Mason, R.P.; Flegal, A.R.; Abu-Saba, K.E.; and Anderson, R.S.  Mercury speciation in drainage from the New Idria Mine, CA. Environmental Science and Technology, 34 (22), 4773-4779.