Teaching Experience        Teaching Philosophy
  • Associate Faculty Member, Saddleback College, Earth Science Dept, Mission Viejo, CA. Instructor for Introduction to Physical Geology (lecture and lab), 2016 Fall Semester.
  • http://www.woodsholediversity.org/pep/
    Co-Instructor (2014 & 2015), Chemical Oceanography module for 
    The Woods Hole Partnership Education Program: Increasing Diversity in the Ocean and Environmental Sciences (summer internship program for participants from universities throughout the USA). Designed and implemented lecture, lab, and field curriculum.
  • Multiple Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards, UC Santa Cruz (4X student vote; 1X faculty vote).
  • Teaching Assistant (13 Quarters), UC Santa Cruz

Upper Division
Lower Division
Evolution of the Earth (4X head TA)
Groundwater Geology
Field Methods in Geology
Geologic Principles (2X)
Geology of National Park
Aquatic Toxicology

  • Recommendation letter writer for > 25 undergraduate students applying to graduate programs, internships, and/or fellowships
  • Regularly provide career advice (and networking contacts) for students considering graduate programs and employment opportunities (e.g., input on résumés/CVs, cover letters, proposals, personal statements, and inquiry emails to potential advisors).
  • Guest lecturer (17x) and substitute instructor (4x) for multiple undergraduate courses (UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, CalState Chico)
      Groundwater Contamination
      Groundwater Geology
      Geologic Principles
      Field Methods in Geology
      Fates & Sources of Pollutants
      Local & Regional Environmental Issues
      Terrestrial Hydrology
      Environmental Toxicology
      Aquatic Toxicology
      Population & Community Ecology
      Interdisciplinary Approaches
           in Environmental Toxicology
      Environmental Science

Summary of University Course Lectures & Presentations
(non-university presentations detailed in Outreach & Diversity)

   Substitute Instructor
Nov 2015   Climate Change: Human Heath Impacts
                 Environmental Sciences, CalState, Chico

Oct 2012   Radioactive Decay and Crustal Formation in the Hadean & Archean Eons
                 Evolution of the Earth, UC Santa Cruz

Apr 2012    Relative and Absolute Time (2 lectures)
                 Geologic Principles, UC Santa Cruz

Mar 2012    Salt Water Intrusion
                                Groundwater Geology, UC Santa Cruz
   Invited Class Presentations                 

May 2016   Wetland Remediation Case Study: Peyton Slough, Martinez, CA
                 Terrestrial Hydrology, UC Irvine

Feb 2016   Legacy Mining Impacts:  How Mercury Made the California Gold Rush Possible
                 Local and Regional Environmental Issues, UC Irvine

May 2014   The influence of submarine groundwater discharge on mercury cycling in coastal systems
                 Groundwater Contamination, UC Santa Cruz

May 2013   (also presented in Nov 2012, May 2012, May 2010, May 2009, and Nov 2005) 
                 Geochemistry of San Carlos Creek: Impacts from the New Idria Mercury Mine, CA
                 Field Methods in Geology, UC Santa Cruz

Oct 2012    Mercury Biogeochemical Cycling: The Convergence of Geochemistry and Microbiology 
                 Interdisciplinary Approaches in Environmental Toxicology, UC Santa Cruz

May 2012   Wetland Remediation in Peyton Slough, Martinez, CA 
                 Fates and Sources of Pollutants, UC Santa Cruz

Nov 2011   Mercury Speciation and Transport Associated with Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Barrier Beach Lagoons
                 Fates and Sources of Pollutants, UC Santa Cruz

Jan 2010    Mercury Contamination and Environmental Impacts
                 Environmental Geology, UC Santa Cruz

Apr 2006    Remediating Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Groundwater
                 Groundwater Contamination, UC Santa Cruz

Nov 2005   Environmental Degradation from Mining Operations
                 Aquatic Toxicology, UC Santa Cruz

Apr 2001    Tomales Bay Watershed: Impacts from Historic Mining Operations
                 Population and Community Ecology, Integrative Biology Dept, UC Berkeley

Oct 2001    An Overview of Groundwater Remediation and Waste Containment Projects at the San Francisco Bay Water Board
                 Aquatic Toxicology, UC Santa Cruz