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Teaching Evaluations

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 Links to EvaluationsPeriod Mentored  Current Title Agency/Organization
 Lindsay Whalin 1997-2000MSc, PG, Engineering Geologist
Groundwater Protection Division
 Jennifer Cossaboon2011-2013 
MPH Student/Research Assistant
San Diego State University
 Cruz Ortiz, Jr.  2010-2013 
 NSF Graduate Student Fellow
 University of California, Santa Barbara
Araceli Serrano 2015 - present Undergraduate Researcher 
Mackey Lab
University of California, Irvine
Emily Edwards 2012-2013
PhD Student
Fogg and Harter 
University of California, Davis 
Rachel Hohn 2012-2013BSc, Staff GeologistC2Earth, Inc.
Geologic and Geotechnical Engineering
 Michael Kong 2012-2013
Husbandry Research Intern
  Caroline Collins2014 
 Research Assistant
Eugene Bell Center
 Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
 Christina Richardson 2012-2013
PhD Student / NSF Fellow
University of of California, Santa Cruz
 Patrick O'Connell 2010-2013 MSc Student
Becker Lab
California State University, Long Beach
Brooke Norling  2010-2011
MSc Graduate Researcher
 University of Auckland, New Zealand
 Aviel Stern 2010-2013
 MSc Graduate Researcher
University of Massachusetts, Amherst