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Caroline Collins

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Caroline Collins, Undergraduate Researcher in Anne Bernhard's Microbiology Lab
Biology Department, Connecticut College
Mentee: Summer 2014 (career development, research, lab/field methods)

Throughout the summer of 2014, I worked as a guest student in the Lamborg lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. During this period, Priya was a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Carl Lamborg. As a new researcher, I had many questions and was eager to learn proper techniques and methods. Priya spent numerous hours explaining fundamental concepts such as the use of a standard curve and accurate ways to perform dilutions. She worked with me to develop my skills, but also to build my overall confidence as a scientist. I always felt comfortable asking her questions and despite her busy schedule, she would answer them with insight, creativity and encouragement. I greatly benefited from her mentorship and she is an excellent role model for me. I was deeply inspired by her dedication, intelligence, and passion for research and teaching. When explaining new concepts, she presented the material in an engaging manner and challenged me with questions in order to ensure that I developed a complete understanding and could carry on the task on my own. As a graduating senior conducting a biology Honor’s Thesis, I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge that I have gained from working with Priya, but most importantly I am grateful for the self-confidence and excitement for science that she has instilled in me.