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Jennifer Cossaboon

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Jennifer Cossaboon, MPH Student/Research Assistant in Eunha Hoh's Lab
Mentee:  2011-2015 (career development, research, lab/field methods) 

    I owe my passion and understanding of toxicological research to Priya Ganguli. Throughout the countless hours spent together during early mornings in the field and late nights in the lab, she persevred through all obstacles with a contagious optimism. When I joined the Flegal Laboratory at UCSC, Priya was incredibly supportive of my interests in marine mammal ecotoxicology and put in the extra time (amidst working towards her own PhD!) to train me through field sampling at an elephant seal rookery, trace metal clean laboratory techniques, and the detailed analytical chemistry required for multiple mercury species. She mentored me through writing grant proposals, assembling and presenting posters at two international conferences, and completing my senior research project. I was always treated as an equal and I would not be where I am today without her dedication to my development as a graduate student, critical thinker, and researcher. Her door was always open to the crowds of students who needed help with job interviews, resume writing, and graduate school applications. Priya built a community of undergraduate students and gave them the experience they needed in the lab and in the field so that they could go on to achieve their next career goal. She has been an inspiring leader, dedicated teacher, and positive role model in my career and her commitment to collaboration continues to inspire all of the people she works with.