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Michael Kong

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Michael Kong, Undergraduate Researcher in Adina Paytan's Biogeochemistry Lab
Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, University of California Santa Cruz

Mentee:  2012-2013 (career development, course work, lab methods, supervisor for position as class tutor)

I have worked with Priya multiple times on an academic and research level. Priya has excelled in providing an outstanding experience for both of these. Priya was the teacher aide for several of my classes including Earth 10: Geologic Principles and Earth 110A: Evolution of the Earth. Priya was an incredible teacher that genuinely cared about the students. She was very accommodating and had no problems meeting with students outside of office hours or class. She was also very attentive towards the students and always took the time to work with them individually. Despite having over 30 students at times, Priya always made sure that everyone in the class was able to talk with her and get the help they needed. This one on one experience really made the classes much more enjoyable and memorable. Going beyond academics, Priya was always supportive and positive. She brought out the best in everyone around her and because of this, all of her students excelled.
    Priya is also an outstanding researcher. I assisted her in sample collection and preparation. Priya always made sure that I knew what I was doing and the importance of that task. Just like her teaching style, she personalized the learning processes and always made sure that her students understood how every detail fit into the larger goal or project. This thoroughness also extended to her lab and field techniques. Priya is very detail orientated and makes sure everything is accurate and perfect. In addition, Priya is always conscientious of everything happening around her and always made sure everything was safe and methodical. This again exemplifies the excellence of her teaching style and genuine care she has for everyone around her. In conclusion, Priya is the epitome of what a teacher, researcher, and person should be. She inspires everyone around her and continues to excel in everything she puts her mind to.