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Patrick O'Connell

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Patrick O'Connell, MSc, California State University, Long Beach
Becker Hydrogeology Lab
Mentee:  2010-2013 (career development, field methods, course work, supervisor for position as a course grader)

    Priya is the most memorable graduate student I worked with when I studied at University of California, Santa Cruz.  I believe this is largely because of her commitment to her research projects and teaching assistant positions, which was evident everyday - something many other students would attest to.  Priya had solid professional experience under her belt before coming to UC Santa Cruz to pursue her PhD and has been making breakthroughs in the environmental field ever since.  I remember learning a plethora of skills, from in-the-field ones like the physically-demanding piezometer construction (with a slide-hammer!) and meticulous water quality sampling as well as in-the-office skills, such as Excel data analysis and presentation. Theses are valuable skills I learned from Priya in the classroom as a student and as a research assistant.  Priya has a wonderfully optimistic attitude towards her work and others, which is a great addition to her multidisciplinary background.  I look forward to hearing about the next big-thing Priya works on.