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Araceli Serrano

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Araceli Serrano, Undergraduate Researcher

Earth System Science Dept, University of California, Irvine


Mentee:  2015 - present (research, lab/field methods, science communication, career development)

Priya’s dedication to her students is undeniable and limitless. When she takes another mentee under her wing she provides a wide range of support from career mentoring to personal advice. 

Priya is inspiring; she keeps everyone in the lab motivated and is always reminding us of the big picture while we are performing seemingly menial tasks.  She takes every opportunity to teach us the value of our efforts and of some of the great scientific advances made by the most renowned researchers in our field. Whenever I am with her I am always learning. Her explanations are always clear and memorable especially when she provides analogies for difficult concepts. If I or someone else still struggles to understand she tries a multitude of techniques to see how she can help along the learning process. Priya is one of the most patient people I’ve met. Her open and warm personality allows anyone to feel at ease and transforms the room to a welcome environment where your thoughts and intellectual input is valued. She has made a significant impact on my life by opening doors to numerous opportunities and helping me realize my potential.

It truly is a great honor to have her as a mentor and friend.