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Aviel Stern

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Aviel Stern, MSc Graduate Researcher in Michele Cooke's Lab
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Geosciences
Mentee:  2010-2012 (course work, field methods) 

    Priya Ganguli was my lab Teaching Assistant for the courses, Evolution of the Earth (Fall quarter 2010) and Groundwater (Winter quarter 2012) while I attended UC Santa Cruz for my undergraduate degree.  For both courses, she showed care and encouragement for every student. She made sure to know every students name by week 2, and when I attended Priya's office hours, she made sure that I understood the material before leaving. She is very well organized, goes above what is expected, and I could tell that with every assignment Priya put an equal amount of work and dedication in order to prepare the students for the labs and homework assignments.  Priya not only was there to make sure we survived the coursework, but was also friendly and warming which made me always want to say hello and reach out for help. When I helped Priya in the field, I was excited to learn from her and working in field with her was an enjoyable experience. Priya is a great mentor, teacher assistant, leader, and a contributor to group environments.